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WYL Select Program Pre-Season Note




The Wachusett Youth Lacrosse (WYL) Select program is for players with the skill, desire and commitment to play lacrosse at a higher level than the WYL Classic program.  Any player who is a full participant in WYL’s Classic program is eligible for the Select program. Participation in the Select Program typically includes one extra practice and one extra game per week during the season.


WYL continues to see increased interest in both our Classic and Select program. WYL is committed to providing as many opportunities for its players as it can.  Accordingly, we have decided to field two U15 Select teams a U13 Select team and a U13 Select Practice Squad for the 2017 season.


The U13 Select team will be constructed via tryouts with up to 21 players selected to the roster.  This team will compete in the intermediate bracket (D2) primarily against local opponents such as Shrewsbury, Grafton, Tantasqua, Westboro and Leominster.


The U13 Select Practice Squad is available to all WYL 5th and 6th graders who are not assigned to the U13 Select roster.  The intent of the Practice Squad is to allow players the opportunity to participate in additional practices, learn the concepts and plays of the select team and be a resource for the select team should a roster spot become available.


The U15 Select Green team will consist of 8th graders1 and will compete in the league’s upper bracket (D1B).  We will play a combination of local opponents like Grafton, Shrewsbury and Northboro/Southboro as well as a few other similar opponents a little outside of our normal region.  Additionally, the U15 Select Green team will participate in a pre-season tournament in Medway on April 1st.


The U15 Select White team will consist of 7th and 8th graders2 and may include players from neighboring towns who do not have a select program3.  It will compete in the league’s lowest bracket (D3) but will be scheduled to play a combination of local opponents with developing D2 programs like Leominster, Westboro and Dudley/ Charlton as well as a few other D3 opponents from programs like Natick or King Philip.


Expectations of players:


Commit to lacrosse as their primary Spring sport.

Attend all Select practices and games

Participate equally in MBYLL Classic program

Communicate with coaches if they are unable to attend a practice or game


Expectations of coaches:


Create a positive environment for players to continue to develop their individual and team lacrosse skills.

Set appropriate expectations with parents and players.


Expectations of parents/guardians:

Get your player to games and practices on time and with full equipment and water.

Support the efforts of all players in a positive manner.

Communicate with coaches if there is ever a disconnect between expectations and reality.


Roster limits:

Minimum:  16

Maximum: 21 (U13 only)


Position Ranges:

(Flexible but not intended to exceed 21 total roster)

Attack: (4-6)

Middie: (6-11)

Def/LSM: (5-7)

Goalie: (1-2)


Playing Time:

Select games are intended to be played and coached more competitively than Classic games. Select teams are held to league “win-loss” standings with implications for post season play-offs. As such, playing time will be dictated by game conditions and can result in some players getting more playing time than others.



U13 Active roster:  $100

U13 Practice squad: $0

U15 White roster:  $85

U15 Green roster:  $125


1WYL 8th graders may be assigned to U15 White if either a) they elect to play on the White team or if b) there are not at least 16 players to meet the minimum roster size. 

2WYL 7th graders may be assigned to U15 Green if there is not at least 16 interested 8th graders. 

3No player from outside of WYL will be assigned to U15 Green.