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Dear WYL Community,


Many of you have expressed interest and concern about the state of Wachusett Youth lacrosse (WYL) fields, particularly in the early spring when very few options are available due to the condition of grass fields in our district.  With more and more towns developing synthetic turf fields and increasing competition with other programs for field time, we're finding that our WYL teams have less practice time than teams from other towns and districts we compete with during the season.  In an effort to maintain a competitive and quality lacrosse program for our kids, we're excited to announce that WYL is pursuing development of a synthetic turf field.  A committee was formed earlier this year with the mission of securing a site and developing a field in the Wachusett area.  This is a long-term project that will take years of coordination and hard work.  In the meantime, we will do our best to secure playing fields for the entire season, including leasing turf fields from colleges in the early spring when we're waiting for local town fields to be released.  Coming soon there will be a link to a web page for the Turf Project located on WYL's home page http://wachusettlacrosse.com/.  Look there for general information about the project including updates on our progress.  The most important factor to the success of the Turf Project is the support of our friends in the WYL community.  There will be times when town approvals will be needed (permits, zoning, etc..) and expertise in relevant areas (land development, fundraising, etc...) and we'll be looking for volunteers.  We are counting on your support to see this through.  


And of course, we can't build a field without capital.  We will explore funding from all sources including grants, commercial loans and grass roots fundraising.  We will setup a process through which automated tax deductible donations may be made to the initiative.  But there's no better time than the present, so donations may be made any time by mailing a check to: WYL fbo Turf Development Project, 800 Main St. PO Box 218 Holden, MA 01520 or by hand to any member of the WYL Board or Turf Committee.  Please... we mean it when we say that NO CONTRIBUTION IS TOO SMALL.    


We hope you are as excited about the Project as we are.  Failure is not an option for us - we WILL secure a synthetic turf field for the WYL program.  





Chuck LaPosta

Dave Citro

Corey Higgins

Frank Smith