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Turf Development Committee Members:

Chuck LaPosta - President, Wachusett Youth Lacrosse (WYL)

Dave Citro, WYL Board - Field Coordinator

Corey Higgins, WYL Board - Coaching Coordinator

Frank Smith, WYL Parent


WYL Turf Development Committee Charter:






             BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE.  The Wachusett Youth Lacrosse program (“WYL”) has experienced tremendous growth since its inception in 2003 with the combined total number of boys and girls registered for the 2018 WYL season at ____344____.  As the program has grown, it has become increasingly difficulty to secure quality fields for practices and home games.  This problem is intensified in the early spring when natural turf is scarce due to weather, field conditions and competition with other sports programs for field time. WYL has established a Turf Development Committee (the “Committee”) for the purposes of securing a location and developing a synthetic turf field for the WYL program (the Turf Project”).  The Committee will report to the WYL Board of Directors (the “Board”).


            COMMITTEE MEMBERS.  There shall be no less than three (3) Committee members who shall be appointed by the Board from time to time.  Committee members may be non-Directors but there shall be at least _2__ Board members on the Committee at all times.  Committee members shall serve until they resign or are replaced or removed by the Board.    


            PRINCIPAL FUNCTIONS. The Committee shall provide recommendations and advice to the Board concerning all aspects of the Turf Project.  The Committee will support funds development for the Project including general ongoing fundraising, capital campaigns, special fundraising events and such other programs as may be deemed appropriate. The Committee will support securing the best available location for the Project as determined by the Board. The Committee will make recommendations to the Board for site development and selection of synthetic turf manufacturer and installer. The Committee will report its activities to the Board who shall remain the ultimate authority over the Project. The Committee may encourage and facilitate public relations activities in support of the Turf Project. 


            FIDUCIARY ACCOUNTS. All philanthropic and other funds received to support the Project shall be deposited and held in accordance with the WYL Bylaws and mandates of the Board. The Board shall retain full responsibility and authority for the generation and use of all WYL funds. 


            COMPENSATION. No Committee member shall receive, directly or indirectly, salary or compensation from WYL, with the exception of reasonable reimbursement of expenses which the Board may approve in advance. 


COMMITTEE MEETINGS. Committee meetings shall be held at least four times each year at such time and place as shall from time to time be determined by the



Committee. Decisions made on behalf of the Committee shall be by simple majority of those present. The Committee shall keep minutes of its meetings and will report its actions to the Board.


CONTRIBUTIONS. The Committee and any of its members appointed by the Board may accept on behalf of WYL any contribution or gift made in support of the Turf Project, provided such contribution or gift is promptly delivered to WYL as directed by the Board and in accordance with WYL’s bylaws. 


COMPLIANCE. The Committee shall not do any act in violation of WYL’s bylaws or the Board. In the event of a conflict between the WYL bylaws and this Charter, the bylaws of WYL shall prevail.


APPROVAL.  This Charter shall be approved by the Board and shall be effective immediately upon approval.


Approved by the WYL Board on ________________, 2018.






WYL Board