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Below are the registration programs for our Boys and Girls Spring Lacrosse programs.


Please note:

Our Girls lacrosse program is a member of Founders Girls Lacrosse League (FGLL) which no longer requires all of its players to be active members of U.S. Lacrosse (USL). WYL will enroll all of our registered girls with FGLL prior to commencement of our season.  The $30 difference between boys and girls lacrosee fees will cover the FGLL registration. 

Our Boys lacrosse program is a member of Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League (MBYLL) which requires all of its players to be registered with them. All boys who register for our spring classic program must register with MBYLL separately and pay the $30 membership fee to MBYLL which is valid until 12/31/2021.  WYL's boys registration fee has been altered to reflect this change.


The all in cost of registration (WYL Fee + League Required fees) is the same for Boys and Girls lacrosse players.



If you need new or replacement uniform items click here:


Payment by Check

Our new payment address is


86 Greenwood Pkwy

Holden, MA 01520


Refund policy

WYL Registration fee is:

100% refundable prior to first practice
50% refundable prior to first game
0% refundable thereafter.
COVID related cancelation policy:
In the event the entire season (games and jamboree) is cancelled due to covid restrictions WYL will issue a 100% refund.