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March Practice/Event schedule

We will begin practicing in March.  We have secured some indoor and outdoor turf time to help get a jump on spring.  See below for schedule. We will also add some weeknight practices in local school gyms to keep the kids active until our fields are released for use.


Date Time Group Field
1-Mar 9:00-10:00 All New Players Holy Cross Field House
1-Mar 10:00-11:00 All Girls Holy Cross Field House
8-Mar 9:00-10:00 Boys 56 Select & all new players Holy Cross Field House
8-Mar 10:00-11:00 Boys 12 & Boys 34 Holy Cross Field House
14-Mar 3:00-4:30 Boys 78 Select AMC Turf
14-Mar 3:30-5:00 Boys 56 Select AMC Turf
15-Mar 12:00-1:00 Girls 56 & Girls 78 AMC Turf
15-Mar 1:00-2:00 Girls 12 & Girls 34 AMC Turf
15-Mar 2:00-3:00 Boys 12 & Boys 34 AMC Turf
15-Mar 3:00-4:00 Boys 56 AMC Turf
15-Mar 4:00-5:00 Boys 78 AMC Turf
21-Mar 3:00-4:30 Boys 56 Select AMC Turf
21-Mar 3:30-5:00 Boys 78 Select AMC Turf
22-Mar 9:00-10:30 Girls 56 & Girls 78 AMC Turf
22-Mar 10:30-12:00 Girls 12 & Girls 34 AMC Turf
22-Mar 12:00-1:00 Boys 12 AMC Turf
22-Mar 1:00-2:00 Boys 34 AMC Turf
22-Mar 2:00-3:30 Boys 56 AMC Turf
22-Mar 3:30-5:00 Boys 78 AMC Turf
28-Mar 1:30-2:30 Girls 12 WSU Turf
28-Mar 2:30-3:30 Girls 34 WSU Turf
28-Mar 3:30-4:30 Girls 56 WSU Turf
28-Mar 4:30-5:30 Girls 78 WSU Turf
28-Mar 3:00-4:30 Boys 34 AMC Turf
28-Mar 4:30-6:00 Boys 56 AMC Turf
28-Mar 8:00-5:00 Boys 78 Select Medway HS (tournament)
29-Mar 1:30-2:30 Boys 12 WSU Turf
29-Mar 2:00-3:30 Boys 78 WSU Turf
29-Mar 8:00-5:00 Boys 56 Select Medway HS (tournament)
29-Mar 12:00-5:00 Girls 56 & Girls 78 Opening Day TBD


More details to come as they become available.


Can't wait for Spring!!!!


Feel free to call, text or e-mail if you have any questions.






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2020 Lacrosse Registration

Registration for the 2020 Lacrosse season is now open!!!!

Click link below to reserve your spot today



What has changed since last year:

Mailing address for payment by check is now


86 Greenwood Pkwy

Holden, MA 01520

PayPal and EasyMerchant options available for on-line payment

MBYLL membership for boys lacrosse players is now $40 (WYL fee has been reduced by $5 to offset the change).


What has remained the same since last year:

We need to commit to number of teams in January thus the early registration process.

Payment at time of registration is preferred but can be made at a later if necessary

We are always looking for helpers, coaches, assistants, board members, etc.


Looking forward to seeing you all back on the lacrosse fields this spring.


Please feel free to reach out via e-mail, phone or text if you have any questions.





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In the Uniforms and Accessories
Uniform Top (boys)

All players are required to have a uniform top and shorts
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